The Sales team typically has feedback about lead and account scores. Here at MadKudu, we embrace these feedback and incorporate them into our predictive models when building the scores. 

You can now incorporate a Disagree with MadKudu Score button in Salesforce in a few easy steps ūüöÄ

How does this work?
(1) A sales rep will see an account where they don't agree with the MadKudu score. 

(2) She will now click on that account and click on the Disagree with MadKudu Score button which will lead her to a feedback form where she can share a few lines of why she disagrees with the score.

(3) She fills in the form and now you, the Marketing Ops leader, can immediately see all the feedback pointers from Sales reps, which accounts they disagree with and the User ID of the Sales rep who gave feedback in a Zendesk ticket.

How to set this up?

(1) Inform your MadKudu Customer Success team that you would like to set up a Disagree with MadKudu Score button in Salesforce. The MadKudu team will then set things up to create this efficient feedback loop.

(2) Create a Detail Page Button in Salesforce 

  • Under Salesforce Setup, navigate to Object Manager => Account => Buttons, Links, and Actions
  • Create a new Button or Link¬†
  • Under Label, name it Disagree with MadKudu Score
  • Select Detail Page Button as the Display Type¬†
  • Select URL as the Content Source
  • Under the white text box, input a link that the MadKudu Customer Success team will share to link out to the feedback form
  • Click Save
  • Navigate to Object Manager => Account => Page Layouts
  • In the Account Layout sub-section, click on Buttons and drag buttons into the Account Detail => Custom Button section
  • Click Save
  • Head over to an Account page and voila! you should see a Disagree with MadKudu Score button on the top right of the page

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