Having debates with your Sales team on the validity of lead or account scores for their prioritization is a common challenge that Marketing Ops teams typically have.

MadKudu can now help you create an effective feedback loop with your Sales team by allowing them to share feedback directly in Salesforce about the lead or account scores MadKudu that pushes.

 How to set this up?

(1) Create a field in Salesforce called  MK Disqualification.

  • Field type: Checkbox

(2) Create a field in Salesforce called MK Feedback on Scores.

  • Field type: Text Area (255) 

(3) Inform your MadKudu Customer Success team that the fields have been created so that MadKudu can start pulling these custom fields. 

Key benefits ⚡️

Now both you and MadKudu can get weekly reports of the feedback your Sales team is providing on the scores, and determine next best actions to either educate the team or correct the scores. 

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