After MadKudu has built predictions for your Sales and Marketing teams, it is important to now surface these predictions in Salesforce for your Sales teams to act on.

Here are the steps required to add MadKudu fields into your Salesforce layout:

(1) In the Setup menu, go to Objects and Fields -> Object Manager

(2) Click on the object that you would like to add the MadKudu fields to (e.g. Account, Lead or Contact)

(3) Click on Page Layouts in the left hand navigation

(4) Click on the Page Layout you’d like to add the fields to

(5) Create a new section by following these steps: (a) Click on Fields in the grey box, (b) click and drag the "Section", and (c) place the section on the right page where you want it.

(6) Rename the section to "MadKudu Intelligence"

(7) On the grey box at the top, click on Fields, and type the name of the fields you'd like to add into your Salesforce page layout, e.g. MK Customer Fit , MK Likelihood to Buy  or MK Lead Grade , and drag them into the newly created section.

(8) Once all the fields have been added into that section, click Save

(9) Voila! You will now see the MadKudu fields on the page of the object you've added them into.

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