We've just released a new feature that exposes the most recent activity stream for an account or lead. 🎉

What we found is that exposing signals is not enough for sales reps to understand whether an account or lead has high behavioral intent.

Therefore, you can now see the top most recent activities a lead or account has done directly in your CRM platforms. This is helpful for sales reps to tailor the right outreach and understand why this lead or account has been prioritized.

This will be how it looks in Salesforce: 

How to set this up?

The MK Recent Activity  field needs to be created as a Rich Text Area (32,768) data type.

(1) Create a new custom field in the appropriate object (Lead / Contact / Account)
(2) Select data type as Text Area (Rich) under Step 1

(3) Set length as 32,768 which is the default length and name the field

(4) Voila! New field created for Recent Activity.

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