There are a few areas by which we dig deeper to understand and get the most context on how to identify the most engaged accounts for your Sales team to reach out to.

Sales Motion

  • Who is currently responsible for upsells? (ie. number of sales people, and their exact role)
  • Do you have a quota or sales target already on those? How many sales rep are assigned to enterprise upsells?
  • What’s the sales motion today for upsells today? Ie. How does this team engage enterprise accounts for upsells? Ie. what’s the context for reaching out? What is the value proposition to upsell enterprise account? What is the typical reasons/triggers for someone to upsell to an enterprise plan? 
  • If the sales team doing upsell also do new account selling, how do they determine how to best allocate their time?
  • How many accounts do they reach out to per week today? What is the biggest blocker for them to do more upsells?
  • How do they determine who is (1) a good fit for an upsell and (2) ready for an upsell?
  • Do you measure today the revenue added each month from upsells?
  • What is the typical buyer journey of an account from becoming a customer to doing a significant upsell? What are the top 3 motivations of a customer upsell?
  • Is the decision maker on the upsell the same as your champion (ie. most engaged user / promoter versus someone with the budget or the authority)?

Data Discovery

  • Are you tracking the upsell deals today? If so, what criteria do you use to identify those? 
  • Today, for enterprise, what is the rough percentage of deals coming from cold accounts, marketing engaged accounts (eg. webinar, white paper, inbound), or upsells?
  • How do you define your various opportunity types?


  • How do you envision the sales team use the account behavior score in Salesforce? Ie. will it be through assignment, email alert, salesforce report?
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