As you integrate MadKudu to Salesforce, HubSpot or Marketo, you might be wondering what the impact on the API limit of those critical systems will be.

We've built our integrations with that in mind and have build several safeguards to make sure we respect the integrity of your marketing stack.

Monitoring of limits

We monitor all external API limits on our end. We will stop calling your system (e.g. Salesforce) if the total usage gets close to capacity. This makes sure that we never exhaust your quota

Secondary limits

In addition to overall limits, we can set secondary limits to cap the number of total calls we make. If you have specific requirements, please let us know during onboarding.

Limits on number of records updated

In addition to limiting the number of api calls, we can also set a cap on the total number of records being updated. This can prove useful if you have complicated workflows with many downstream updates (e.g. Marketo updating Salesforce and vice-versa)

Dedicated app

For Salesforce, HubSpot or Marketo, you connect using our dedicated apps using OAuth. This ensures that our usage is logged separately in theses systems (so you know who's consuming calls)

Detailed logging

Our internal system log the number of API calls we make to each integration

Incremental fetch and updates

Whenever possible, we fetch only updated records to minimize the number of total calls made. Similarly, we only attempt to update a record when its score or a feature has changed.

Use of batch operations

We make use of batch operations whenever possible to limit the number of API calls being made.

How many calls do you usually make?

This depends on the system, your number of records and how often they're updated. Once connected, we'll be happy to do a forecast with you. Please reach out via the Intercom messenger in the bottom right corner!

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