What fields does MadKudu create in my app?

By default (and if you gave us permissions when connecting) MadKudu will automatically create fields for each model.
The name of these fields may vary to respect the naming convention of the destination (for example an __c  suffix in Salesforce).

By default, we use our naming convention. If you have different requirements, please let us know.

Does MadKudu create fields automatically?

If you gave us that permission when connecting, we will create the fields automatically.
If you would prefer to create and manage the fields yourself, we will send you a spec for what you should create.

Can I see which fields you're updating?

At any moment, go to the Integrations page and click on the system of your choice. The next screen will show you what fields we're updating in this system.

Can I change this myself?

Not at the moment, but we're actively working to make this more transparent.

Will those fields become visible to all users?

For integrations that have visibility control, we will create the fields for you and make them visible to all users. 

If you have different requirements for visibility, you can let us know.
If you prefer to manage access and visibility yourself, we will send you our requirements and we can adapt to your convention.

What permissions do you require?

At the minimum, we need permission to read from the standard objects (Lead, Contact, Account) and update them.
With complex systems like Salesforce, we might need additional permissions (in case our updates trigger downstream updates)

Do you create / delete objects?

We do not create / delete objects in your CRM and Marketing stack. We only update existing records.

How many additional API calls will you make?

Please visit our dedicated article.

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