Intercom is a fantastic tool to generate conversations with your lead, but the volumes can easily get out of control.

With MadKudu on Intercom Inbox you will be able to

  • See at a glance if a lead is relevant or not.
  • Understand why, without switching tabs

How to set it up?

Setting up MadKudu in Intercom Inbox takes only a few clicks

Install the MadKudu app

  1. Install the Intercom / MadKudu app on your instance.
  2. Create a MadKudu account if you don't have one

Activate the MadKudu tab in Inbox

  1. Once the app is installed Go to Inbox, and select one conversation
  2. At the top-right, click on "Add More", many app will appear
  3. Select "MadKudu Lead Scoring"
  4. Set the new tab to the top of your right nav
  5. You will now see MadKudu signals right next to each conversation!

Here's a short video that shows the steps and results of this operation:

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