Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a data subject who is about to submit their personal information has to be aware that they are consenting to processing of their personal data. This is especially important to note when you enable MadKudu’s Fastlane which is a tool that uses the lead’s email to automatically score it in real time.

Setting up Fastlane with GDPR

To ensure enabling Fastlane is still GDPR-compliant, you have to turn on the gdpr_compliant switch when configuring Fastlane as per below. This code snippet will be placed in the section labelled “How to get the email of a lead“. Note that you would have to replace ‘#email’ with the email field identifier on your form.

form.gdpr_compliant = true

What happens next?

Once this is turned on, we will ensure the following:

  1. All emails entered in the form will be permanently removed from your database, including temporary cookies and storage.
  2. We will automatically use the domain, instead of email address, to score in real-time.
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