How to send a Slack alert when a qualified lead submits a form using Zapier


Before getting started, here’s the quick overview of what we are going to be doing:

  • Create a Zap in Zapier that triggers when a qualified lead submits a form
  • Sends an alert to Slack

Step 1: Create a Zap that score users sent to a webhook

First, log in to your Zapier account at If you don’t have one, you can create one immediately. It takes a minute and it’s free

Once in Zapier, click on Make a Zap! at the top of the screen.

  • For your trigger, choose Webhook by Zapier in the list.
  • Select Catch Hook
  • Choose New User as the trigger
  • Enter email as the object
  • Save the unique webhook URL that is generated

Step 2: Score the email using MadKudu

For the second step of your Zap, choose MadKudu and follow the instructions. When asked for an email, you should pass the Email field from step 1.

For additional instructions, take a look here.

Step 3: Send a Slack message

For the third step, add choose Slack as the last step.

  • You can choose Send Channel Message or Send Direct Message as the action
  • Connect your Slack account
  • Select the Channel
  • Customize the message

Step 4: Add the unique webhook URL to the MadKudu Campaign and turn on your Zap!

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