Ever wished you could score a list of leads before loading them into your CRM? Or wanted to figure out based on the list of attendees of an event if it was worth sending more reps? This article is for you!

This article will walk you through the steps to get predictive scores of all your leads directly within Google Sheets. The predictions are based on MadKudu’s customer fit models and topical enrichment.

Scoring leads is as simple as clicking on a button with MadKudu’s Google Sheet add-on.

You can score both people (with email addresses) or companies (with the domain name).

Click here to watch a quick demo.

Customer Fit Prediction

MadKudu predicts who you should talk to by scoring leads based on email addresses or domains through customer fit scores.

Scoring Email Addresses

  1. Select the Email Addresses that you would like to score
  2. Click on the “Customer Fit” Tab
  3. Select “Persons”
  4. Click on “Get Predictions”
  5. Predictions will appear next to the email addresses

Scoring Domains

  1. Select the Domains that you would like to score
  2. Click on the “Customer Fit” Tab
  3. Select “Companies”
  4. Click on “Get Predictions”
  5. Predictions will appear next to the domains


Selecting “Insert Headers” will add “customer_fit” and “customer_fit_score” as new column headers on your spreadsheet.

Topical Enrichment

When you have thousands of leads to reach out to on a daily basis, it becomes tough to manually research all of them before the outreach. MadKudu’s topical enrichment becomes the eyes of your sales team to solve that problem. MadKudu crawls through the web and enriches the data with relevant key topics that are important to you based on domains within seconds.

You can test the topical models directly on your list of leads and score them using the Google Sheet add-on.

Scoring Leads

  1. Open a Google Sheet with a list of leads and associated domains
  2. Select the Domains you would like to enrich
  3. Click on the “Topical” Tab
  4. Select the model that you would like to use
  5. Click on “Get Predictions”
  6. Predictions for each lead will appear next to the domain. Only the main topic found and its score will be displayed.


Selecting “Insert Headers” will add four columns to your file: “Model ID”, “Model Name”, “main_topic” and “main_topic_confidence”.

Installing the Add-On

  1. Get your API Key from the MadKudu UI (Section "Integrations" / API)
  2. Go to the Google Spreadsheet that you want to use
  3. Click on Add-ons > MadKudu > Open
  4. Enter your API Key

Frequently Asked Questions

How many email / domains can I score?

You can score as many as you’d like. Please pay attention to your API usage to avoid going over your current plan.

I don’t have a MadKudu account can I still score leads?

Unfortunately, our Google Sheet Add-On is only reserved to customers who are on our Paid Plans.

You can however use Zapier to score your leads on our basic model. You can even score your leads within Google Sheets.

How do I know if I have a topical model configured?

You can either configure a topical model yourself using the instructions found here or speak to your account representative to configure a model for you, and we’ll get to work.

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