MadKudu Smart Form allows you to personalize your existing forms based on who your leads are.

MadKudu qualifies your leads in real-time as they input their email address. Leads who are found to be a good fit for sales are offered a free sales consultation. Leads who are not qualified continue with the self-service onboarding.

Getting started

1. Let’s make sure you have all you need.

#1. If you don’t have an account with MadKudu yet, sign up here.

#2. You’ll also need Chrome installed on your computer: install Chrome web browser.

#3. To be able to make Smart Form live on your website, make sure to install the MadKudu javascript snippet first (this step is not required if you just want to test Smart Form)

2. Set up a form personalization campaign

#1. Click “Campaigns” on the left navigation, then “New campaign”

#2. Enter the URL of the page on which the form you’d like to personalize is.

#3. Tell MadKudu which field captures your leads’ email address. You can do this by using the MadKudu javascript function form.track_input(element) where element is the html element that captures the lead email address.

Tip: You can select an html element using jQuery and a css selector.

For example:

var css_selector = '#email';
var email_input_field = $(css_selector);

#4. Personalize your form and offer a free sales consultation to qualified leads. The code you enter there will only run when a lead has been identified as qualified for a sales conversation.

For example:

var wrapper_id = 'mk_smart_form';
$('#' + wrapper_id).remove();
var wrapper = $('<div id="' + wrapper_id + '"><div>');
var html = "<div class='form-group'> <p>Would you like help getting started?</p> <input id='mk_smart_form_cta_yes' class='mk_smart_form_cta' name='mk_smart_form_cta' type='radio'  value='yes' style='padding-right: 5px;'></input> <label for='yes' style='padding-right: 10px;'> Yes </label> <input id='mk_smart_form_cta_no' class='mk_smart_form_cta' name='mk_smart_form_cta' type='radio' value='no' style='padding-right: 5px;'></input> <label for='no'> No </label> </div>";
var new_element = $(html);

To track in MadKudu whether or not your leads request a sales consultation can be done by calling the form.track_cta(element, event, 'request_help') function.

For example:

form.track_cta($('.mk_smart_form_cta'), 'click', 'request_help');

#5. Last, you may want to trigger an email drip or send a notification in Slack when a lead requests a sales consultation. You can do this by setting up a webhook in the next section.

That’s it, you’re done. Let’s see the personalization in action!

3. Preview your campaign

#1. Click “Preview” and follow the instructions if you haven’t installed the MadKudu Chrome web extension yet.

#2. Enter the email of a lead that is obviously a fit for the sales team. The Preview will apply your campaign to your page and personalize it for your lead.

For example, this is the standard form.

This is the form for a qualified lead.

4. Go live!

Click “Publish” to deploy your campaign and turn the campaign “on” to enable the personalization.

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