What is this data standardization about?

When you connect your tools (eg. Mixpanel) to MadKudu, MadKudu automatically pulls from those systems your user interaction data (for example: userid 1234 did 'invited_user' on 3/9/2016 at 11:32am).

Because most implementation of user tracking use different naming conventions, the MadKudu platform needs to know which of those events are signups, conversions, upsells, etc.

Those standard events are used for (1) reporting and (2) by the algorithms which predict what your customers are about to do.

What standard MadKudu events need to be defined?

Who does this mapping?

The MadKudu platform scans your events to find “obvious mapping logic”. For example, it would find that your “signed_up” event maps to the MadKudu “signup” event.

If your logic is more complex, the MadKudu platform can be configured for a variety of scenarios: logic based on event attributes, timestamps, merged events, etc. In you are in one of those situation, your customer success manager will guide you through a simple process to define and validate the logic.

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