What is Zapier?

Zapier connects MadKudu with 270+ other web services.

Zapier uses triggers and actions to automate work between MadKudu and other apps. A trigger is an event that happens in one app and an action is the event that Zapier automatically performs in another app.

You can create a Zapier account and try it for free at Zapier

How does it help?

With Zapier you can conveniently include MadKudu results in your workflow:

  • Score all new leads in your CRM
  • Alert your team in Slack when a great lead signs up for your product

What information does it return?

The Zapier step returns the same information as the MadKudu behavioral API, with two exceptions:

  • The properties.customer_fit.top_signals  field corresponds to the top_signals_formatted  field in the API (to make it more usable in a Zap)
  • It adds an extra properties.customer_fit.grade_emoji  (useful to make your Slack alerts more visual)


In this example, we’ll use the MadKudu Zap to do qualification for all new leads created in HubSpot (but you can replace the HubSpot triggers and actions with anything you’d like)

Here is how the setup works:

1. Create a Zapier account

First, sign up with Zapier if you don’t already have an account. Your first 5 zaps are free.

2. Create a new Zap

In the Zapier app, click on Make a Zap.

3. Choose a trigger

For the Trigger, choose HubSpot, select New Contact, and connect your account.

4. Set up a MadKudu search

For the first Action step, choose the MadKudu app.

Select Find Person and Company Information as the action.

  • Connect your MadKudu account by following the on-screen instructions
  • Map the email of your HubSpot lead to the MadKudu email field
  • Test the step

5. Use the MadKudu results

Add a third step to update the lead in HubSpot. Pick HubSpot as the app, select Create or Update Contact as the action, configure the update section by pick the email field from Step 1 and mapping the results from the MadKudu steps to your lead properties.

Test. You’re done!

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