The MadKudu Slack App is a great way for your sales team to get notified when there is an opportunity to engage with a customer.

What does it do?

MadKudu analyses who your users are and how they use your software to find out the right moments to engage with them.

Below are two popular notifications.

Identify and welcome VIP users as they sign up

You know that giving a personal welcome to a new user increases drastically their chance of becoming paying customers. But most companies don’t because most of the signups are tire-kickers or low value customers and the economics would not work!

MadKudu finds out which signups are worth your time.

Based on their email addresses, we go find who those users are (eg. job title of the new user, company size, industry, etc.). Analyzing the profile of your best users, MadKudu determines what is an important signup, ie. a sign-up from a user who has the potential of becoming your best customer soon.

Convert users when they are ready to buy

Getting a customer to buy has a lot to do with timing. Emailing or calling a user who is not likely to buy is a waste of time for everyone.

MadKudu analyzes how customers use your software and automatically find signals that a user and an account is ready to buy.

You now get notified when a user is ready to have a conversation about getting on a paid plan!

How to set it up

1. Signup with MadKudu

If this not already done, signup with MadKudu and connect your existing customer analytics solution (eg. Segment, Mixpanel, KISSMetrics,..).

2. Connect Slack

In MadKudu, go to Integrations, then click on Slack.

On the next screen, click the Add to Slack button.

You will be redirected to Slack.

In Slack, choose:

  • which team you want to connect to
  • which channel you want to post to

Once done, you will be redirected back to MadKudu. New leads will be posted to your Slack channel as soon as they arrive.

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