What does this integration do?

Turning on the Segment integration is very useful if you want to:

  • send Segment data to MadKudu: your customer data in Segment (both customer attributes and customer events) are sent to MadKudu.
  • send your MadKudu data to Segment: your MadKudu customer profiles and moments are sent to Segment which can then route it to your other tools.

For example, common use cases includes:

  1. Send your in-app user activity data to MadKudu
  2. Send MadKudu customer attributes to your CRM to improve lead qualification and lead profiles
  3. Send MadKudu customer moments to your marketing solutions to trigger email campaigns

How to set it up?

How to send Segment data to MadKudu?

  1. Log in MadKudu, click “Integrations” and then “Segment”.

2. Click on “Enable with Segment”

3. Choose with Segment project you want to use as a source to send data to MadKudu, and click “Send data”.

You’re all set!

How to send MadKudu data to Segment?

  1. Log in Segment and go to the source your want to send your MadKudu data to. Generally, this is the same source that is sending data to MadKudu in the previous step.
  2. Inside this project, click on “Settings”, then to the “API Keys” section and copy the Write Key.
  3. Log in MadKudu, click “Integrations” and then “Segment”.
  4. Paste the Write Key into the “Segment Write Key” form and click “Save”.

You’re all set!

What data is sent from MadKudu to Segment?

MadKudu sends to Segment your MadKudu enriched customer profiles and your MadKudu-created customer moments (eg. “ready to buy”, “upsell opportunity”, …).

Customer attributes

MadKudu uses the Segment identify method to send attributes.

Example of an identify call initiated by MadKudu:

  "type": "identify",
  "userId": "97980cfea0067",
  "traits": {
    "email": "peter@initech.com",
    "mk_customer_fit_segment": "medium",
    "mk_likelihood_to_buy_segment": "very high",
    "mk_likelihood_to_buy_score": "0.72",
    "mk_job_title": "CTO",
    "mk_country": "Canada",

Customer moments

MadKudu uses the Segment track method to send your MadKudu customer moments (eg. “new qualified lead”, “ready to buy”, “upsell opportunity”, “at risk”…).

Example of a track call initiated by MadKudu:

  "type": "track",
  "userId": "97980cfea0067",
  "timestamp": "2016-03-12T19:11:01.266Z",
  "event": "mk_ready_to_buy"

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