What does this integration do?

This integration enriches your Marketo leads with the predictive and behavioral lead attributes generated by MadKudu.

This is particularly useful for:

  1. Creating automated workflows in Marketo (eg. “send an email on behalf of a sales person when customer is ready to buy”)
  2. Creating smarter Marketo reporting (eg. “how many truly qualified leads were created month over month”)
  3. Personalizing outreach based on predictive and behavioral attributes (eg. greet a customer saying “I saw you created your first 10 reports and I thought I would reach out to discuss…”)

How to set it up?

  1. Follow these Marketo’s instructions to obtain Client ID, Client Secret, Endpoint URL and Identity URL.
  2. Log in MadKudu, click “Integrations” and then “Marketo”.

3. Copy/paste the information and click “save”.

4. Last step is to create the MadKudu fields in Marketo so that your leads can be enriched with your MadKudu data.

  • You can find a comprehensive list of fields here.
  • Follow Marketo’s instructions to create the custom fields.
  • Field usage settings being every time “Included in layout: No, Editable by API: Yes, Visible in the UI: Yes”.


What are some of the fields you pull from Marketo?Here are some of the fields we typically pull from Marketo (but this is NOT exhaustive):

  1. interesting_moments 
  2. open_email, 
  3. visit_webpage, 
  4. email_bounced_soft, 
  5. click_email, 
  6. fill_out_form, 
  7. unsubscribe_email

What privileges does this integration require?

This integration requires the following privileges:

  • Read lead data from Marketo (email, company information and lead details)
  • Read lead activity from Marketo
  • Update lead information in Marketo
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