What does this integration do?

Turning on the Eloqua integration is very useful if you want to:

  • send Eloqua data to MadKudu: your contact data in Eloqua (both customer attributes and customer events) are sent to MadKudu.
  • send your MadKudu data to Eloqua: your MadKudu predictive scores are sent to Eloqua which can then route to your other tools.

Some of the use cases include:

  1. Send your leads’ customer data to MadKudu
  2. Send MadKudu customer scores to Eloqua to improve lead qualification and lead profiles
  3. Build your MQL and routing flows in Eloqua using MadKudu customer attributes
  4. Evaluate the quality of campaign responses using MadKudu customer attributes

How to set it up?

  1. Log in to MadKudu, click Integrations and then Eloqua.

2. Enter the Site Name, Username and Password for your Eloqua instance. Then click “Save”.

You’re all set!

Types of Data

What data is sent from Eloqua to MadKudu?

Through the connector, MadKudu can receive updated contact data from Eloqua every 45 minutes. You can specify which contact fields to pull by telling your account representative the field ID and API name.

However, the current capability is to pull all contacts. You cannot specify which contacts to pull based on a list or segment.

This data will be saved into the contacts table in your MadKudu instance.

What data is sent from MadKudu to Eloqua?

MadKudu sends your MadKudu enriched customer profiles to Eloqua.


Do you send and receive data in real-time?

Currently, the connector is built to send and receive data every 4 to 6 hours (useful for batch models). If you require real-time data exchange, please contact your account representative to request for a custom process.

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