What does this integration do?

Connecting MadKudu and Drift augments Drift leads with the predictive and behavioral lead attributes generated by MadKudu.

How to set it up?

  1. Set up a realtime customer fit model from MadKudu (that works for both email and domain input). To confirm, please seek assistance from your MadKudu Customer Success team.
  2. Connect MadKudu to your Drift instance following these instructions. TLDR: Enter your MadKudu API in Drift | Integrations | MadKudu page.


Do I see Signals on the Drift instance?

Yes, but Signals will appear depending on availability. Note that not all leads will have Signals.

Why don’t I see MadKudu scores on my Drift instance?

There are common ways to troubleshoot this issue:
(1) Model configuration issues on MadKudu’s end (e.g. model uses custom properties). Please approach your MadKudu Customer Success team to resolve this issue.
(2) New version of Drift’s sidebar has not included MadKudu. Please approach either your Drift or MadKudu Customer Success team to resolve this issue.

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