What does this integration do?

The Pipedrive connector makes your MadKudu predictive analytics available to your sales team in Pipedrive.

Deals, persons and organizations attributes are synced with MadKudu.

MadKudu will enrich Deals with your MadKudu predictive analytics based on the primary contact.
You can now find out which Deals to prioritize, when it is a right time to reach out, and what are the right things to say to close more customers.

How to set it up?

1. API integration

  1. Log in Pipedrive (make sure you have admin privileges) and go to Settings/API.
  2. Add the API key to your MadKudu account in the Pipedrive settings.

2. Field creation and configuration

  1. Creation of the fieldsOnce the API integration is set up, MadKudu will create and update the MadKudu standard fields in Pipedrive.
  2. Configuration of the fieldsContact your Account Manager if you want to make modifications to your MadKudu fields.


What Pipedrive permissions do I need?

The Pipedrive user who generates the API key is required to have the admin permissions.
To find out whether or not your user has those permissions, go to Settings/Users & Permissions to check

What data will this integration obtain from Pipedrive?

We limit ourselves to the minimum information needed to run our predictions.

By default, MadKudu pulls the following objects along with their standard attributes:

  • Persons
  • Organizations
  • Deals

What data will this integration write/edit in Pipedrive

We limit ourselves to writing/editing data only in the fields created by the integration.

Additional data can updated if you are on the enterprise plan. Contact us at support@madkudu.com for more information.

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