What does this integration do?

The SalesforceIQ connector makes your MadKudu predictive analytics available to your sales team in SalesforceIQ.

Leads and contacts attributes are synced with MadKudu.

You can now find out which leads to prioritize, when it is a right time to reach out, and what are the right things to say to close more customers.

How to set it up?

1. API integration

  1. Log in SalesforceIQ (make sure you have admin privileges) and go to Settings.
  1. Click on Integrations.
  1. Click on Create new custom integration.
  1. Enter a name (we recommend “MadKudu”) and a description (eg. “Predictive Lead Intelligence”) for the integration. Write down the API Key and API Secret in a safe place, and share it with MadKudu.

2. List configuration

Once the API integration is set up (see the 4 steps above), MadKudu will update the MadKudu standard fields in SalesforceIQ. Here are the steps to create those fields.

  1. Go to the SaleforceIQ list you want MadKudu to sync with and click on “Add a field”.
  1. Create a “Standard” field for each MadKudu field:


Can I also add behavioral data to SalesforceIQ?

Yes. Sales team usually loves to have extra information about product usage or demographic information. MadKudu supports the creation of custom fields and can sync with those. Please talk to your account manager to get this implemented.

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