MadKudu can send scores to your integrations of choice. We integrate with dozens of integrations (like Segment, Salesforce or Marketo) in which we’ll enrich Lead / Accounts / Contacts profiles.

To start sending scores to a new integration, enable it in the UI and reach out to your account manager so that we can enable to right sync configuration on our end.

Objects that we can push include: Leads, Contacts, Accounts.

We push scores in two different ways:

  • Real TimeObjects are synced when they’re createdIt usually takes 5-30 minutes for the sync to happen
  • Batch: Objects are synced every 4-6 hours

What models for what type of push?

Customer Fit and Topical can be pushed in both real time and batch scoring.

Other models (e.g. Likelihood to Buy) collect data for a period of time before making predictions, thus they can only be synced in batch.

Rate Limiting

To guarantee the performance of their system, our integration partners (e.g. Salesforce, Marketo) limit the number of API calls that they can process in a given timeframe. This is called rate limiting.

The consequence of that is that the sync of large volume of data cannot be instantaneous. For example, if you load a list of 100,000 leads in one go in your CRM, this will impact how fast leads can be scored by MadKudu in your CRM.

Here are the rate limits of some of our integrations:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of volume, what can we do about it?

It can become challenging to sync over 100k+ daily active users (DAU) with a CRM like Salesforce. That’s because:

  1. With Likelihood to Buy, we need to update scores as regularly as possible to make sure they’re up-to-date.
  2. We may hit rate limits daily (which results in delays in syncing).

We’ve worked before with huge volume of data so that’s not much of an issue. We’ll prepare a plan on how we can work with your current volume.

Why all my leads aren’t synced to my integrations?

Several things could be happening:

  1. We’ve been hitting API Quotas (see above for rate limiting) so we’re delaying the update.
  2. We apply filters on which leads are being sent to your integrations.

On this last point, please reach out to your account manager and we’ll go through these filters together to make sure that they fit your needs.

What if I need to upload a large list?

You want to upload a large list to your CRM? We’d recommend enriching these leads first (like with our Google Sheet integration) and uploading a CSV with the enriched information.

We can assist with every step of the process so reach out to your account manager and we’ll help you out.

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