If you are on a Pro Plan, you have 3 models. 

  • the Lead Grade
  • the Customer Fit model
  • the Likelihood to Buy model

If you are on a Growth Plan, you will have one model: the Customer Fit model.

The Customer Fit model uses firmographic and demographic data — which allows you to check whether or not a lead matches your ideal customer profile. (Does this lead look qualified?) Because the model uses firmographic and demographic data as input, the scores will not change over time. 

The Behavioral model — or Likelihood to Buy model — is the one that utilizes your behavioral data (in-app usage, website activity, marketing campaigns, etc.) to measure the engagement of the lead. (Has the lead tried to engage with you?) Because the input of the model uses behavioral data, the scores are recomputed several times throughout the day. (See here more details).

The Lead Grade model combines both Customer Fit and the Behavioral components. It allows you to identify the leads that are the most qualified and the most engaged. Because the Lead Grade model has a behavioral component, it is also recomputed several times a day.

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