Customer Fit model

As soon as a lead is created, our API assigns a score to it. You can expect to have the 4 fields of the Customer Fit model updated in your CRM in about 10 minutes.

Additionally, we run batch updates every 4 hours to score the bulk of your leads.

Since the Customer Fit model is mainly determined by demographic and firmographic data, the scores will not change over time.

Likelihood to Buy and Lead Grade models

These two models utilize behavioral data (for example product usage, web traffic, answer to email campaigns, etc.)
We recompute the aggregations of these behavioral data and update these scores every 4 hours

Why isn't the Likelihood to Buy model & Lead Grade computed in real time? 

Typically, our high-volume engagement data attribute most to higher behavioral scores, which results in a few hours / days to reach and compute these scores.
Filtering first on Customer Fit with a priority on the level of engagement has worked successfully for most of our clients. 

Another reason we do not update these scores in real-time is because it would dramatically increase the number of API calls you would make. (For example, as soon as a lead visits an additional page on your website, it can trigger an increase of her / his behavioral score). 

[Salesforce] What happens when a lead is converted into a contact? 

When a lead gets converted into a contact, MadKudu will automatically score the contact with the same attributes as the lead.

Who gets scored when we turn on the scoring?

The process of scoring leads is historical — so you can immediately start using MadKudu. We usually score all of the leads (and contacts) created in the past year. Please contact the Success Team if you need to score leads further into the past.

Specificity with Salesforce : At the moment when we start pushing the scores, we will not be able to update the leads that have already converted into a contact (by design in Salesforce). However, we will update all these contacts so you will still get the information you need.  

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